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Alpha Fit Sonic Cleansing System - Gray by Clarisonic for Men, 4 Pc Kit

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About this item

An innovative cleansing system that cleans away oil, sweat, and grime better than hands alone to give you energized, healthier feeling skin. Offset the effects of your active lifestyle, or simply give your skin a clean boost by using this Alpha Fit cleaning system for men. The cleaner & aposs brush head sweeps away dirt and oil while exfoliating the skin and leaves you looking fresh. Includes a 1 ounce container of Alpha Cleanse foaming facial cleanser that is sulfate free and made with fruit acids, caffeine, ginseng and aloe Alpha Fit cleaner uses a short bristle brush specially designed to handle a man &apos s tough skin Exfoliates skin while removing dirt and oil.

Alpha Fit Sonic Cleansing System - Gray by Clarisonic for Men, 4 Pc Kit:

  • Introduced by the desing house of Clarisonic
  • The unique and patented daily cleanse brush head helps to remove sebum and surface level pigmentation.
  • Cleans and preps skin for a closer, smoother shave
  • Deeps cleans beards without tugging for a comfortable beard
  • Two settings cleanse and removes oil, sweat and dirt 6x better than hands
  • Waterproof
  • Kit includes gray alpha fit, usb enables charger, men's daily cleanse brush head and alpha cleanse facial cleanser 1oz