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Allsorts by Beacon--South Africa


Ingredients: Sugar, corn glucose syrup treacle, wheat flour, water, molasses, vegetable oil, coconut, invert sugar, gelatine (beef) , caramel (150c), liquorice powder, corn starch, cocoa powder, salt, emulisifier (471), flavours, colours (132,122,104,110) vegetable gum (414)

Allergy Info: Product contains gluten from wheat. May contain traces of peanuts

Beacon Allsorts are the most popular liqourice sweets in South Africa. The story of its creation begins in 1899, when a salesman named Charlie Thompson dropped a tray of sample sweets he holding, mixing them up in the process. In the process of re-arranging them, Charlie inadvertently created a new snack. The snack was subsequently named “Allsorts” and became a massive hit!